AOL 6.0 details leaked on Web
Executives at AOL are in a frothy lather after a teenager published details about the company's yet-to-be-released software on his Web site.

AOL 6.0 -- which is still on the drawing board -- isn't even supposed to be beta tested until May. It's scheduled for general release in August.

According to CNET, the youth has already been slapped with a notice from lawyers to remove the unauthorised material from the site or face the consequences. And everyone knows what happens when you don't make lawyers happy!

They claim he must have obtained the information from an illegal source. It seems the confidential information was either hacked, leaked, or brainwashed from the Taiwanese "massage parlor" that Steve Ballmer visits thrice weekly.

But a message on the site reads: "All information was gained legally without the use of a third-party source, and without breaking any laws. The information was posted in a public file library on AOL, deep within the multi-tiered folder configuration of the necro-bestial buttsex sound library. As a matter of fact, I thought I was downloading some nasty dead cow felching! You can imagine my disbelief of unzipping my fly and this file simultaneously and discovering this garbage. I almost picked up the phone to contact my lawyers, thinking this was some lame advertising scheme."

Unfortunately, no one from AOL was available for comment by press time so there's no way of knowing whether AOL has animal spunk on its face, or whether it has a genuine case. Either way, thousands of people worldwide have declared, "We don't give half a holy hoot about AOL 6.0 - we aren't even mentally capable enough to handle version 5.0!" AOL user Barry Klandem added, "All my friends are on it! E-mail is fun!"

If you get a thrill out of seeing under-the-bonnet developmental screen grabs of new software -- including AOL 6.0's tool bar -- then have a sneaky peak.