NGR - Gaming Community Anxiously Awaiting 'Nuon is Dead' Announcement

Anticipation still grips the gaming community, anxiously awaiting word from VM labs that their forthcoming Nuon system is officially dead. The system, which allegedly will have hardware that surpasses the N64 in terms of raw processing power, had its first major public display this summer at E3. Although the press was initially wowed by the awesome display of empty cases that were intended to represent games that will potentially be made once the system is created, overall interest in the system has dropped over the second and third quarters of 1999. The delay of one game in particular, a game titled 'Cup Cats,' has been linked by many as an especially crushing blow to the system.

Jeff Minter, currently in development of the new version of Tempest for the system, could not be reached for comment. The yet unannounced death of the system comes at a particularly hard time for people who were hoping to get their hands on the imaginary system, as VM Labs recently showed mockups of the prototypes of controllers for the system.