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We keep getting requests for access to past issues, and here are your dreams fufilled, exclusive permission to read the past National Game Reviews in all their slanderous glory:

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8-23-99Chillin' with da ex's
AMD's new processor
Animalsex.com custom PCs
A look back at IonStorm's 1996 press kit
Dreamcast Puzzle Fighter petition
8-2-99NGR Selects Man of the Year
LA selected for next Y2K E3
Wal-mart replaces violent video games
Q3Arena StackMatch
Tommy Hilfiger annula report
Theater of the Mind
6-28-99Falwell attacks Lithtech engine
Battle of the Boy Bands
Mattel lays down new laws for Purple Moon
DragonBallZ RPG
Gencon Magic Items
6-14-99Microsoft V++
Intel bunnymen terrorize local town
6-6-99Porygon Quickry Becoming Very Popurar Pokemon
Many Celebrate The Spectacle of E3 by Waiting for Pokemon Toys and Gawking at Floor Models
Ion Storm Leaving Game Development To Maintenance Staff, Taking Up Firing People Full Time
5-24-99E3 Fashion Roundup
Howard Lincoln announces retirement
Ripcord hires Manson to demo game
4-26-99NRA uses video games to train
Doctor 64 proves Nintendo fears
  • EA; Major League Baseball '99
  • Sony's Ape Escape
4-19-99Playstation 2
Freddie Prinze Jr. fans turn on NGR
Falwell finds subliminal messages in games
Arkansas Anti-Game legilation
Command & Connquer the cause of Kosovo crisis
4-12-99NGR Apologizes to Conducent
Diet tips from programming superstars
IDSA adds another word to name
Microsoft - Melissa recap
  • WCW Nitro
3-29-99More Rave Wing Commander reviews
Hasbro & Hardees team up for Bandit game
Street Fighter translations
  • EA: Microbus Humping Adventure
3-22-99CGDC Wrap-up
3-14-99Dreamcast non-Y2K Compliant
Wing Commander Reviews
IDSA Advises Industry on Piracy
Cavedog arrested in Pocky sting
3-8-99CGDC Fashion Spectacular
Sega's new Dreamcast Ad Campaign
Ultima Online character sells for $500
Freddy Prinze Jr. found dead
  • WizardWorks Extreme Bird Watching
  • Microsoft Interactive Jet Shopper
  • Hasbro's Email Games
3-1-99Fallwels new Stance on Games
New Buzzword to Debut at E3
Hunters Boycott Simon & Schuster
Valve brings on Dexy's Midnight Runners
  • Capcom VS Everyone
  • Descent 4
  • WWF Attitude
  • Microsoft Even More Arcade
2-8-99Apple appeals to toddlers
Even More Ion Storm Firings
  • Virtua Fighter 4
  • Sim City 3000
  • Marilyn Manson, The Game
2-1-99Pentium III provides tracking services for porn sites
ESRB's new ratings
  • WCW Monster Truck Extreme Hunting
  • Logitech's Cyberman 3
1-24-99Daikatana to retail for $1999.99
1-8-99Our Redesign that everyone hated
Thank God we didn't stick with it.
1-1-99Apple announces iMac Jr
Todd McFarlane to do Doom the Movie
Office E-mail saves Coworker ffrom Suicide
  • Koei: Pizza the Conflict
  • Cultmaster 2000
12-20-98Yamauchi lashes out at rivals.
Is Your Paradigm Proactive?
Microsoft blames mail slowdown on older software
Simon & Schuster's new strategy
  • Ultimate Crazy House Ping Pong Fun Brothers
  • Barbie Horse Doctor
  • EA; Vice Series
12-13-98>Duke Nukem Movie
Panasonic: M2 still dead
Steve Guttenburg to be in Apocolypse 2
  • Jane's Iraqi Air Command
  • Twisted Metal 3 for Viewmaster
12-6-98Furby virus alert
Microsoft announces Blue Cap Linucks
RipCord promises no more Necrobestial butt-sex
  • SGI Tetris
  • MAME .35
  • Barbie Tattoo Designer
11-29-98Sega Dreamcast compatible with DIVX
Industry un-shocked by Ion Storm
CGDC Reorganizes showfloor
SoftImage joins Quebec seperatist movement
  • Maxis: Sim Indian Mass Transit
  • Dreamworks: Legend of Zeldar
11-22-98Intellivision 2000 announced
Gaming's Hottest Guys Calendar
Gates pleads insanity in Anti-trust Lawsuit
Blood 2 "debits" controversy
  • Where in Hell is Carmen Sandiego?
  • EA: Mounatin Meadows Massacre
11-16-98Apple introduces new chiaMac
Richard Simmons has cure for Y2K
Controversy over ROgue Trip hidden characters
  • Gameboy Pogo
  • Mario Party
  • Rival Catholic Schools
11-9-98Pentium III specs released, LucasArts - Nintendo Deal
Rare version of Tapper sells for $500,000
NFL Upset over Quarterback CLub '99
  • NBA Live '99
  • Amish Games
  • Crocodile Hunter Interactive
11-2-98Featuring Pat Robertson denouncing Pong as pure Evil.
Nuon and SmartLinc Team Up
Cavedog Sells Out.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Mickey's Magical Tetris Challenge
  • Star Trek: The Game
10-26-98Namco's New Guncon Lineup
Sony Targets Pirate Market with PlayStationMD.
3DRealms to offer free breast cancer screenings
  • Riven for Color Gameboy
  • Resident Evil 2 Turbo
10-19-98Further delays for Jem & Holograms Game
Explaining the ESRB Ratings
Investigating Purple Moon Online
  • Deer Hunter Level Editor
  • Oddworld's Abe's Fantasee
  • Gettysburg Expansion Pack
10-11-98Nintendo 2000 to be punch card based.
Satan sells soul to Bill Gates
Zelda 64 shiniest cart ever!
  • Purple Moon: Rockets First Piercing
  • Mortal Kombat V
  • Custers Revenge 64
  • Trash Talkin' With Elmo
Our Premiere Issue!
Sony declares war on religion
Sega masterminds tight-lipped on how they will sink Dreamcast
Ultima Online Lawsuit
  • EA: Smear the Queer '98
  • Masters of Teras Kasi, Holiday Special Edition
  • Super Pocket Puzzle Street Fighter Alpha Turbo 2 Giant Attack EX Gold